22nd September 2020

Why Marcado online Shopping great ?

To a grocery today ,digital presence is very important. That's for multiple reasons.

Customers are now buying online.

Owing to the shift in trends of customer buying. Recent happening such as the coronavirus outbreak has made people largely depend on ‘buying online’. It is safer and convenient. Moreover, you have more options and you get delivery at the comfort of your home.

Marketing Made Easy

You can promote and market easily. Groceries typically wish to attract customers residing in the nearby area. Modern-day digital marketing allows you to take advantage of precise location-based targeting.

Online Branding 

With Marcado online grocery store, you can communicate more effectively, message the way you want, and brand yourself Every brand stands for something unique.

Marcado Online Grocery Store

Contactless Delivery

With the growing awareness around social distancing, customers want to have the option of opting for contactless delivery. Today’s order online systems come with in-built contactless delivery options through which customers can choose to have their orders placed in a safe spot, like a doorstep.

While placing the order, customers can add extra detail about how, when, and where they want their order delivered. This further helps your customers to communicate more effectively with you.

Perfect menu standard

Our menu is always updated and in order. Inventory counts and updates, drop location boundaries, operational timings, etc.What you need items can be easily selected by looking at the menu.

Marcado vital details

   An updated online ordering menu


    New items

    Customer Reviews

An updated online ordering Menu

Our menu list is very clear and update. Therefore, customers can easily select items.


Our priority is your essential time. That is why our delivery time is perfect. As well as Marcado is an online platform for our daily used items. The specialty is a one-day delivery service.

New Items

You can choose the items yourself as per your requirement. You can see it in the new items list menu.

Customers Reviews

Let us know your review. You can post a review on our FB page or Instagram , we will consider your review.

Our Goal

Grocery shopping online is fast catching up with consumers. Our goal is to get the groceries you are suggesting through our In-App Marcado. It's also an easy way to buy groceries for customers when they can't afford going out. Our online grocery store strives to provide the highest quality grocery goods directly to customers at reasonable prices.