29th January 2021

Time Consuming Online Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping comes with its own challenges- parking, carting groceries, pushing trollies, handing kids and other family members, facing crowds at the billing counter, and so on. All these challenges are the reason why online grocery shopping for so many customers is the chosen way to go.

Sheer convenience

Think of the sheer amount of steps you need to take to go grocery shopping. You have to organize things at the house, get dressed, drive a distance, find parking, get trollies, go from aisle to aisle, stand in line at the checkout counter, Lug the trolleys back to the truck, load the groceries, drive back, take the groceries out of the trunk, and then put them away. It is tiring to just look at the list of stuff that goes into the shopping! This whole process is reduced to one single step with online shopping- put them away. 

Alright, maybe we exaggerate a little. You've got to make a list and pick items from the website to put in your cart. No child control, no worrying about how to handle so many things—just ordering and sitting back.

Multiple Payment Options

Grocery shopping involves cards and cash. The same applies to online shopping too but you can do a bank transfer or pay cash on delivery too. The latter is particularly helpful if you are not pleased with a product or have not obtained what you expect.

Returns are super simple

Imagine picking up something from the grocery store, just to find out if that wasn't what you had in mind when you got home. To make an exchange, you'll need to make the whole trip back, with the bill. Through online grocery shopping, you can send back to the delivery person what you don't need or are dissatisfied with and have the amount charged in your store credit or your bank account.

Save big

Speaking of saving high, every day, online grocery stores offer discounts and deals. In the first week of the month, they have offers for shopping, and cheaper prices on items compared to the real world. This makes for big savings. Even, let's not ignore all the money from not making trips to the supermarket you save on fuel bills!

Marcado Online Grocery Shopping App

Grocery shopping online is fast catching up with consumers. Our goal is to get the groceries you are suggesting through our in-app Marcado. It's also an easy way to buy groceries for customers when they can't afford to go out. Our online grocery store strives to provide the highest quality grocery goods directly to customers at reasonable prices.