2nd May 2020

Save Your Time & Money with Marcado

We were all there; when you left the parking lot, you just remembered to pick up washing detergent; the disappointment of not knowing in which department marshmallows are; the apprehension that you have to go to a grocery store instead of getting a day away with your friends. We were all there; While every supermarket in groceris provides our shoppers with a more convenient and fun experience, we realize that your weekly visit to our supermarket will take time away from doing things they enjoy .. This is why many of our locations pride themselves on the advantages of shopping online for delivery right outside your doorstep.

How Online Grocery Shopping Can Save You Money

As you already know, bulk buying is an effective way of rising grocery prices. Nevertheless, many shoppers do not buy bulk because they need extra cart room and the weight of bulky items. Online shopping for home delivery makes it much easier to purchase in bulk – just add bulk products to your online shopping cart and delivered directly at your door.

You don't need to pick a particular shopping time through our application. You can shop groceries in 24 hours at any time. In your spare time you can browse.

Forgot to pick up a shopping antique kit? When I got home and my shopping kit opened, what happened? Yeah, that's the problem. You that forget to pick up one or two items when shopping in the shopping market and collecting a lot of items. At this point you should try using Marcado.. Without missing it, our delivery boy will deliver it to your doorstep.

If your weekly shopping list is fulfilled or you are cooking a Thanksgiving meal, every time you encounter the same crowd, zero! Online grocery shopping for delivery helps you to shop from your dining room, sofa or office, without the need to negotiate busy aisles and long cashiers. That means that you have more time to do what you enjoy.

You can prefer to shop for delivery online so that extra miles can be avoided and petrol and parking costs can be saved .. While these economies might not at present seem dramatic, they can definitely be increased over the lifetime of a year.


Enjoy the safety online shopping with Marcado You must ensure protection along with shopping during the covid-19 period.

That is why we offer this opportunity to shop through the Marcado app. In the sense of your health, Marcado will bring your groceries at your doorstep.