22nd September 2020


Online shopping is all about saving time, saving money. One can save one's precious time by shopping online. One can watch and choose the things that he wants to buy. Marcado is an online marketplace for our products that are used everyday. The specialisation is one-day service delivery. Enjoy Safety Online Shopping With Marcado You Must Ensure Security With During The Covid-19 Time With Shopping. Online stores have a high likelihood of success due to lockout. Therefore demand is strong and all that matters is availability.


The customers enjoy numerous benefits of online grocery shopping with Marcado.

Save Time

Firstly, online grocery shopping saves a lot of time that they would otherwise have had to reserve particularly to visit the grocery store and wander aisle to aisle in search of the items they want to buy. Then comes the process of paying. Standing in the line to search and then pay for the QR codes of all the products. Obviously, it has nothing to do with the online grocery shopping micro phase ie.

Save Money

Second, grocery shopping online also saves money. Customers save some money on and item they put in the cart because it's always advertised at a cheaper price than they're paying.

You can see the price differential an online grocery store called Marcado is providing over the regular retail price.

DoorStep Delivery

Third, customers will enjoy doorstep delivery in the shortest possible time, too. This is the whole point of online shopping, you 're getting products just outside your house. An online grocery store is a hyperlocal idea such that the items are shipped within 24 hours to the customers.

Lots Of Product To Choose

Fourth, consumers have a range of choices to choose from, all products are available at the same venue. Customers only need to use the search bar and different choices to choose from are provided to them. Shopping online is also easy for consumers who prefer the goods.

Benefits Of Being A Regular Customer

Finally, every customer has customised deals particularly if they're normal.


As COVID-19 Becomes Popular With More People Testing Positive, Marcado APP is interactive, high-performance and easy to use mobile apps that allow users to connect to local stores. We 're here to be a link between central and online shops and users. You order your needs from your local shop, we supply it. For their clients, staff, and partners, we maintain a safe and hygienic climate.