31st December 2020

Online shopping has been gaining ground quickly among all ages and geographies.

1.Focus on speed and ease of use

*Make it easy for people to registerfind the products they need, add items to the cart, review and edit the order and pay.

*Enable filtering per sub-groups of items to speed up the search.

*Make sure you include all the relevant product information. Show high-quality photographs, brand names, costs, nutritional value ingredients, allergens, and pack size are clearly labeled.

*Support returning shoppers. Give customers the possibility to recreate the previous orders quickly and activate shopping lists where people can add staples and family favorites. Enable registered clients to see their history of transactions and to share the basket with other members of the family.

2.State the important information upfront

How annoyed will your online shopper be when he finds out that his postcode is not eligible for delivery after he spent a full hour adding products to the cart? For retailers, it pays off to be clear and provide all needed information from the start. Buyers should be aware of shipping prices and timesdelivery restrictions, geographical areas included in the service, and special conditions before they have added a single item to their cart.

When it’s time to check out, make sure that all the steps are clearly labeled, and that shoppers know what’s coming up in the process. Consider adding lines that clarify where the customer is at, such as “You can still modify your order in the next step” or “By clicking here, you confirm your order and accept to pay. You won’t be able to modify your order afterward”. Consider adding a progress bar that shows the various steps.

Once the order has been placed, including an “order completed” page where all the key information is summarized.

3.Think of the different platforms

Today, more consumers access websites from mobiles than from computers. As the preference for mobile shopping is only going to get more common, you should ensure that your website performs well on mobile devices.

  • Is my e-commerce site responsive?
  • Are the buttons big and easy to tap? Are the text fields large and easy to type into?
  • Are pictures clear? Can people easily zoom in to see extra details? Is it easy to move through different images?
  • Is all information visible on small screens, or do some lines disappear or end up off-screen?
  • Can clients switch between products and categories easily?
  • Is the payment process simple and easy to follow?

You can easily view a greater product range on your e-commerce site than in your physical location. If you plan to go with the theme of "endless aisles," make sure you arrange the collection so that customers can find what they need easily.

  • Offer top-level categories that can be accessed from the top menu.
  • Enable clients to filter and sort products by price, brand, band, scores of reviews, etc.
  • Make sure the data can be quickly skimmed through. Use bullet points and regularly arrange details (first ingredients, then product size, then weight, then expiry date...) so that users can at a glance find what they need.
  • Ensure that the button "buy" is clearly visible. To clarify when an object has been added to the basket, append a checkmark or confirmation document.
  • Include a search function with predictive suggestions and autocorrects.

Guarantee high quality

  • Offer delivery options that preserve product quality. Refrigerated lockersone-hour delivery, and click and collect within a specific pick-up window are some of the options to ensure freshness while offering customers high flexibility.
  • Provide detailed information for fresh produce. This means including not only a description but also freshness labels that say how many days the product will last after it is delivered.
  • Solicit feedback, and feature customer reviews under each product on your website.
  • Allow customers to exchange the products, or get their money back if the food does not meet their expectations at delivery.

Marcado Online Shopping

Online Grocery Shopping is quickly catching up with customers. Our goal is to get you the grocery you suggest through our Marcado.In-App. It's also a convenient way to buy groceries for clients when they can't afford to go out. Our online grocery store aims to offer the best quality grocery items directly to consumers at affordable prices.