31st October 2020

Online Grocery At Corona Crisis

Online Grocery At Corona Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our way of life from work to shopping and even the purchasing of groceries and basic supplies as if anything in the world has changed overnight, it seems.

Online grocery shopping apps have made indefinite lockdowns and the increased need for groceries and important products indispensable.

Meet the Expectations of your Grocery app

Grocery shopping is an everyday thing. There is a huge demand for this given every family needs to buy groceries for their day to day nutritional requirements. With this rising demand, grocery apps rely on digital channels and expect their shopping path to be eased by online platforms.

What is fair when it comes to meeting a customer's expectations?

Of all the customers claim to have found better prices of grocery and other daily need items when they purchase the product online.

Every day, thousands of mobile grocery applications hit the market, offering the same grocery goods at similar prices. When buying groceries for their family, they want diversity and more lucrative deals.

Three forms in which you can fulfil your customers expectations:

1.   Feedback on great quality & analysis of products & services

Feedback and reviews are a perfect way to compare products and services. A survey reveals that 93 percent of grocery shoppers read grocery product reviews. 53% of customers choose to directly find recipes on the applications or the website they are using. A win-win for all parties is to feature the ratings and feedback in your store or on your grocery store sales app.

 2.Focus on Exceptional Customer Service

Living up to customer expectations can prove to be a likes for any customer.

There are all types of customers – Friendly, rude, unresponsive, you have to fulfill the demands of all of these. Along with the items, simple gestures such as sending a small thank you note that the order of your customers can be a good start. In order to improve customer interest in the brand, every amount of kindness and small gestures help. You will have to make sure that your product substitution is quick & hassle-free for your customers.

3. Exciting Innovations

Scanning and knowing mobile apps offer this feature where buyers can simply scan an item and get to know what others are thinking about this product.

Multiple delivery options for customers It offers three delivery features to customers – Delivery in person, left at doorstep, picking groceries from a selected location. Meeting customer needs is a perfect way to achieve customer loyalty by giving them enough options.

Marcado Online Shopping Home Delivery

 Marcado APP is an interactive, high-performance and easy-to-use mobile application that enables users to connect to local stores. To be a connection between local shops and local users, we are here. You order your needs from your local shop, we supply it.