9th April 2020

How to Make Your Online Shopping a Healthy

Our value lies in the fact that we bind customers to all local stores and sell grocery products. It is our Aim that supplies vegetables, fruits, and other products, as needed by consumers. You have the freedom to shop in your favorite stores, choose and schedule delivery slots in your region, and also get real-time updates on anything you order. We shall also ensure on-time delivery.

When you think about buying items from your online grocery shop, bear in mind that the healthy choices you make are the primary source of good nutrition for your family. After all, how can you cook a nutritious meal if you don't have the right ingredients at your disposal at home? Shopping also becomes a tough task in this situation because of corona diseases.

1.Increased Variety

Comparatively, An e-commerce business store is highly rated than any other Local Store, since it also has a wider variety of products in comparison to what you will come across at your local store. There is a range of collections from several brands available.

2. Several Delivery Options

Everything will be delivered to you at your doorstep. We are highly efficient ones We will offer you delivery within a few hours of order placement or even within one hour. In addition to this, you can also choose a particular time slot for delivery in line with your schedule.

3.Convenient Returns

You might feel that when you are buying groceries online, you are at a disadvantage because the products you are purchasing cannot be tangibly checked. This is no doubt a serious concern when you purchase perishable items. But Local Store will always stock the freshest of products.

4. Delivering Services

Experienced teams delivering grocery delivery service can serve customers in a clustered manner, without missing their deadlines. This means that in a single trip, they can cover more than one customer across the same route.

MARCADO Clean Environment

As COVID-19 becomes widespread with more people testing positive, Marcado APP is interactive, high-performance and easy to use mobile application that lets users connect to local shops. We're here to be a link between local shops and local users. You order your needs, we deliver it from your local store. We ensure a clean and hygienic environment for their customers, employees, and partners.