28th February 2021


Grocery Shopping More Environment Friendly

1.   A decrease in the use of personal vehicles

2.   For bulk deliveries within the region, a single-vehicle is used.

3.   Packaging materials are saved by using a single box for several products.

4.   Same-day or next-day delivery has a substantial effect on product storage and supports the environment in a specific way.


Purchasing seasonal and local goods

Local and seasonal supermarkets have the advantage of being close by and less traveled, making them more environmentally friendly and lowering their environmental impact.

Plan ahead to stop wasting money

One thing to consider is that you should prepare ahead for your online grocery shopping and take your time to complete the list to avoid getting repeated deliveries.


The benefits of online shopping can range from convenience to lower prices. Furthermore, online retailers are making every effort to ensure that the online shopping experience is equivalent to in-person shopping. This involves offering comprehensive product details and images to consumers. From the comfort of your own home, you can now conveniently find more information and product descriptions.


We must always ensure that your customers have a safe and quick checkout process. We should also think of where your target group is situated so that the payment methods you use are ones that they are aware of and are happy with.

Consumer expectations must be met by e-commerce companies. the e-commerce market is more diverse than it has ever been, and retailers must grow with it to remain competitive. Online retailers must be prepared to personalize their customers' shopping experiences. They will boost their audience's shopping experience by supplying them with new items.


Marcado Online Grocery Shopping App

Marcado app is an interactive, high-performance, and simple-to-use mobile application that links users to local stores. We've come to act as a connection between local businesses and local customers. You put an order with your local store, and we fulfill it.