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Enhance your power to shop. We help you to promote local shopping.


about Marcado app

Marcado APP is dynamic, high-performance and easy to use the mobile application which helps the users to connect with local shops. We are here to be a bridge between the local shops and the local users. You order your needs, we deliver them from your local market.

  • easy-to-customized

    Easy to Use

  • easy-to-use

    Fast n Secure

  • Awasome-Design

    AI Enabled

  • SEO-Friendly

    Single APP for users, sellers and couriers


features of Marcado

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    user friendly

    We have made this app very simple and understandable. We aim at villages and remote places where most of the other APPs prefer not to touch.

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    Promoting Local Market

    Local market and local shops are the pillars of the Indian economy. We strive our best to make them strong and get equipped in this new digital era.

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    Simple Registration

    With a simple registration form, we take the details of Customers, Sellers and Courers which take not even a minute to complete. With minimum data, we try to maximise the output.

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    AI Enabled Experience

    With our new state of art AI algorithm, the system automatically learns and corrects the suggestions in the app and make sure the user gets their best experience.

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    100% secure

    With SSL certified secured server, we make sure your data is secure and not transferred to any other third-party system without your concern.

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    Proactive Support

    With our dedicated team, we monitor each orders and make sure the needy person gets their support even before they find the issue.

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